A couple apps that can add to a couple hundred dollars

A couple apps that can add to a couple hundred dollars:

As a designer, I use Adobe this and Figma that. I love them. During coffee meetups with friends, I start the usual rant. It goes kinda like this…

Just start it. You already have experience. You’re already passionate about something. There is a goal you wanna reach and fear of the unknown and probably fear of success is stopping you.

And then sometimes I hear, “I just dunno where to start”

Answer: Somewhere, now. Most guru’s, professionals and even mentors don’t exactly know where they’re going. Just start your journey and keep going.

The tools:

Your story

Your experience

Pack those up into a product with Google Docs +@gumroad

For more easy to use quick to benefit strategies, follow me on Twitter. Happy Thriving.

Staying with it is the challenge

Jumping over the hurdle of starting on your idea can be tough but once done it’s refreshing.

After starting, it’s easy to be like, that was simple.

But then, the challenge begins, sticking with it.

Enter the compound effect.

Just a bit of work everyday, every other day, whatever the consistent schedule, that work builds.

That work will grow.

After a short while, a habit is formed.

We are not what we eat but, we are the sum of what our habits yield.

A reason why can be the north star.

Not goals, but outcomes.

  • The outcome of working on…

Picking your risk with wisdom

It’s scary to work for a jerk for hours, weeks, months and years.

It’s scary to work for yourself for 24/7/365.

We now know for sure neither is quite “secure.”

One can be better than the other.

Frfr (for real for real) as the internet says, it’s clear that one option is more freeing than the other.

Working for the (wo)man may not give you the freedom you want and need.

The security is bullshh. And the pay is lower than your worth.

Okay. So next problems.

  • I don’t know how to start my own thing
  • It’s too expensive to…

But to do it day after day after day

I’m not too familiar with rocket science.

It sounds complex and like the route to the solution will give a headache.

With that though, I’ve found a answer to a big problem we both have.

It’s true, we’re more alike than we are different.

We share the lack of consistency in what will elevate our productivity.

Now, I’m not out here saying you’re not getting it in and getting it done.

But, what I am saying is there is something on your wish list or on your to do list that you certainly are not doing.

From business to personal…

Is there ever a right time to do the right thing?

Waiting til the right time to do the right thing is insanity plain and simple.

Listen to this post here

All I hear is Kanye with the famous Jeezy adlibs. Wait til I get my money right.

You heard that one before?

Or when the market is better, then I’ll invest.

Or when my job start firing other people, I’ll start my own thing.

Just waiting on the timing to be right.


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Do you remember what Alphabet was before it was Alphabet?


And do you remember what Google looked like when it came out?


Learning what to say yes to means learning what to say no to

Re:Happy New Year(s).

Every moment is a new moment to say no what needs to be left behind and to say yes to your wildest fears.

Click play to listen to this post

You know what’s scary, being broke, mad, sad, stressed, tired and underpaid as an employee.

But peep it, you know who can change that?



And guess, when you can change.

Naw, I’ll wait…

Now. Not now but right now.

Like instantly.

So if you can change what you’ve been saying yes to, the thangs that don’t serve you well, why don’t you?


Google “Dragon Fly Jones” if you aren’t familiar

Life lessons learned from Dragon Fly Jones

Say hello to your new mobile money machine

My intentions are to share a jumpstart to your side hustle success quickly from your iPhone with this letter. I’ll cover:

[PART 1]

  • Why starting a side hustle is key
  • Starting with a why
  • How to — Come up with a name
  • How to — Design your logo in 5 minutes on your iPhone

[PART 2]

  • How to — Launch your website
  • Setup payment processors
  • Draft invoices and contracts
  • Extras — Discover productivity apps & recommended books

Allow me to reintroduce myself

A lil bit about me. Hi I’m Eric. I help people start or restart brands by designing digital + product experiences. …

It won’t work if you don’t do it, might as well try and see

We may think we are here to guide, teach and take care of the children.

Yes, maybe.

Certain items we must do for the children, no doubt.

However, when we aren’t sponsoring every ice cream trip and sets of new school outfits, it is our time to model our children’s behavior.

No, it doesn’t have to be your child. Most of them can teach us exactly what we need to learn.

Before the eye opening list of what the children can school us on, let’s figure out why it may be beneficial to take notes.

We get older and we…

Where daily practice meets incremental progress

A little more of the same.

We usually settle for this.

We do a lot of the same shit everyday. We wind down at the end of the day and mentally pick apart what we’ve done, but mostly what we didn’t do.

Then we stress eat or stress drink or stress stress about what we didn’t do and somehow finally fall asleep and guess what?

We do it all again the next day.

Days turn into weeks.

Weeks turn into months.

Months turn into depression, anger and regret.

This may be an accelerated timeline but lemme illustrate the point.



Product Designer. I help you start your side hustle or new business easily and quickly. www.mobile-moves.com

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