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The breakfast of soon to be champs

If we meet in person, I’ll buy you breakfast.

It will be curse words and a coffee, on me.

Cause you know what, fuck it. (sips a latte right after)

A breakdown:

Fuck it = finally I’ll do MY thing.

MY thing is exactly that. It is what you do for you.

Not your boss, or your moms, your baby mom, or baby daddy or your auntie or uncle who always judges you, none of them.

Fuck it means its go time. Time to go ahead and do your thing with or without fear.

It’s scary to do whatever your idea is and it will be scary to live a life that doesn’t fulfill your prophecy.

• Can you imagine watching yourself from the outside?

• Can you imagine looking at all of the decisions you make as a complete outsider?

Decision making is key.

Beneficial decision making is a major key.

Fuck it. Do your thing. Do it well. Help yourself by doing your thing. Help other people with the thing you do.

Write down your idea.

Write down who can help you get started on your idea.

Write down who can do the work with you or for you.

Write down when you’ll start doing your thing (right now is always the best time to start) and what milestones you want to reach and when you will reach them.

Write down that its all good to lose money, time, sleep, energy, associates, so called friends, jobs and bosses in pursuit of your thing.

Its easy to do your own thing.

Nike slogan.

Its hard to do your own thing. But:

Nike slogan.

One morning, give my breakfast recipe a try:

An order of curse words and coffee, add a double shot of the curses if you really ready to live for yourself and unlock the potential you already been had.

Yup, you been had it, let it out!

Happy Hustling,


Product Designer. I help you start your side hustle or new business easily and quickly.

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