Design your website for free yourself. No Squarespace. No Wix

You realized the year is almost halfway over and you still need to do that thing you said you’d do a few months ago. That thing includes a website. You don’t want to spend all the monies getting the site all extra super pretty with the bells, whistles, and flutes to match. You want something nice, something quick but good looking that gets the message across. Say no more.

I’ve been reworking, redesigning in order to relaunch my book Fire Your Designer. One day I was poking around on the internets and found the wonderful service I’m introducing to you today. It’s Readymag. I get excited just typing it. Readymag is here to save you. You don’t need WordPress, you don’t need Squarespace or Wix or whatever else. Just Readymag. I’m using it to redesign and relaunch my book.


Don’t have a url yet? Who cares, you can get one on Readymag.

But you’re not a designer? Fire your Designer and get it done yourself. They have choices and choices of templates you can use to get you started they also have examples of other people’s works to get an idea on how to approach your new web design.

Will it look nice? Uhhh Yea.

Can you sell things on there? Well kinda. I’d login to Paypal, make a PayPal button and inject the code on your page. That sound like too much? Okay cool, idea two, signup for Gumroad, place your offering there and make a button on Readymag (that button can even be text highlighted and made into a link).

Your friend used Squarespace? If your friend drank 6 shots of Patron at work would you do it too?

What if it becomes too difficult? It won’t. But, if you run into problems they have a Facebook group you can join and ask questions.

Ain’t nothin to it but to do it.

If you’d like some step by step instructions on how to design your website with Readymag, sign up below!

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