Designing your website while listening to the National Anthem

Excuse me, The Dipset Anthem

I stood alone watching the wall, in the zone, hand on my handles
Listening to gangsta music
I stood at home hand on a chrome, with a zone, flippin’ the channels
Watching how the gangstas do it…


Okay. 2018 is approaching. That means #LifeGoals are about to be here. Meaning, it’s almost time for resolutions.

One way to figure out what those resolutions are is to peep the ongoing list of “I always wanted to _____________.”

Which is usually, I always wanted to start my own business.

Boom. I got you. One hang-up people often face when they buckle down and get started on that business is designing their website. It could be writing the business plan, designing the logo, selecting a co-founder thats holding things back but its usually that damn website.

So, true to the lifestyle, where I focus on ways to design and start your business using low priced apps and resources, here is how you can design a site that’ll do the job all within the amount of time it would take to listen to the National Anthem. And by National Anthem, I mean the Dipset Anthem.

The Dipset Anthem by, well, Dipset

Quick note: The reference of the song choice goes as follows: Select NFL players are taking knees instead of standing during the Star Spangled Banner to fight the power and protest against the past and present racism shown toward African Americans. With that, folks have been saying they acknowledge the Dipset Anthem over the National Anthem as a humorous rebuttle. Okay, we squared that away. Back to designing your site quick so it is no longer a burden but a DIY accomplishment.

Let’s do it.


- (did you know they had a dot me?)

Example: Let’s say you’re a barber or hairstylist, and you want to get a quick site up and running. Let’s say you also want your clients to be able to book appointments and you want to require them to pay in advance before sitting in your chair.

Go to, get a free page, grab a nice looking photo of yourself, write a bio about you and your business, in your bio add a line about appointments and link your free profile to the word “appointments”. (Calendly is an app that allows you to book meetings, appointments, phone calls etc…) Add a price list and link that to a Google Doc that has all of your prices listed, now the client knows what they want and how much it will cost. Add a link in the part of the bio that details payment is needed before sitting down ( is a more personal way you can receive money. You can write “” and send it to who needs to pay you or the sender can change the amount based on how much needs to be sent and send the money) save it and you’re done.

Save changes. Check for typos. Make sure all the links work and that the cash goes into your PayPal account and you’re good!

Now, this may not be the dream website with all of the bells and the whistles, but this will be a nice looking site in the meantime that has the vital info needed for people to see what you’re business is about, view pricing, set an appointment and pay all in one shot.

And you are able to do this all within the time it takes to listen to the Dipset Anthem, well maybe you can put it on repeat and you’ll have it done by the time you listen to it twice.

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I’m Eric Jordan but go by EJordanill (Eric Jordan Illustration) I’m a designer and consultant. My aim is to share relevant apps and resources to help the entrepreneur “Fire Their Designer” and get it done themselves. Check out my ebook here

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