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Doing you is greater than viewing and envying them

They did this and they’re over there winning and they just took ANOTHER vacation. Yes. They be doing a lot. And that is totally fine. Blessings to them. One thing to remember is to watch out for the C word. Naw, not that one. But comparison. Whoa baby comparison can fuck up the whole day before we even roll out of bed. Am I right?

If you need a reminder to do you listen to the first 25 seconds of this song.

Set it as an alarm remember it before you go on social media and see all the curated successes of your “friends” and followers.

Okay so the prerequisite to all of this is to know who you are and what you like and what you want. But hol up hol up hol up, that can be tough. It’s so much going on these days. Some many things grabbing at our attention, luring us away from ourselves that it can be hard to know what we want for ourselves instead of what marketers what us to think we want for ourselves. So here a couple of ways to rekindle our own wants.

Pull out the pen and pad

I’ve been on this very same mission so trust you are not alone in the journey of reestablishing yourself. A major key and secret weapon of mine is my new favorite author Benjamin P Hardy he is a super hero, I’ve been taking his advice and one of his articles insists to write notes to yourself, in other words, journaling. Ain’t nothing wrong with writing your thoughts down. Try writing out what you want. Write what you’d like to do personally and professionally. Understand and get closer to your purpose, write down what makes you happy. That alone will help narrow down true, wants, wishes and preferences. I did it once before and the results were magical.

Envision the life you want to live

I just got put on to Dr.Joe Dispenza. My life has changed. Here is the video I watch almost daily to get me in line with my thoughts.

A little bit about Dr.Dispenza. He was training for a triathalon. Started the race a bit shaky after some start time confusion. He is on the cycling portion of the race, BANG! He is hit by a truck, lands on his bottom and back. Vertebrae crushed, well six of them at least are crumbled. He is advised by multiple doctors from different hospitals to undergo Harrington rod surgery. It’s wild intrusive, this one would have had my man with pins in his spine and a body cast for like a year, at least six months. Oh and to backtrack Joe was a chiropractor so he is no stranger to workings of the body especially the spine and back. After hearing what the doctors thought he should do, he decided to use the intelligence that makes the body to heal the body. Joe would envision the life he wanted to live, how he wanted to stand upright, walk and run he thought of all of this while laying on his stomach realigning his spine manually and using the power of thought and meditation to aid his recovery process. Twelve weeks after the accident with this mentally intensive practice and proper alignment amongst other tactics the doctor was back on his feet, business as usual. Oh and that is to say he disagreed with all of the doctors, recovered himself with the help of some supportive friends and family and since then dedicated the rest of his life studying the relationship between the mind and body and is spreading these teachings to others.

So boom. Being thankful for the life you want even before you get it. Thinking and visualizing your new life everyday and reviewing the words you wrote that describe your new life. Can you imagine living your life like that? Actually treating you life like it’s a final exam. Why study other people’s lives when we can study and shape our own? Dr.Dispenza tells us that the single simple thought of stress can physically change us. We can think of something stressful and it quickly affects our gut which then will affect how we feel and our decision making. So on he other side of that coin, if we were to think of positive events couldn’t that bring us feelings of happiness, joy, hope and encouragement? And even if you don’t believe that, doesn’t it just seem like a better plan of attack than looking at what old friends are doing and feeling some type of way about their achievements? It’s worth a try.

Small steps daily toward your goal are better than none

It is common to be scared. It can be scary to try new things. It can be scary to do what we want to do because it’s just different. We can fear what we aren’t used to. Overcoming fear though is such a wonderful feeling. Ever get ready to do something, you have the jitters, you have that creepy I’m scared smile, your stomach feels all crazy, you shake a little bit, all the while you’ve been getting your courage up to do that thing and you do it! That feeling right there oh it’s stupendous. Imagine that feeling happening more often than not. Small steps. You don’t have to do the logo, website, ad campaign, business plan and get the small business loan all in one day. Shit you don’t have to do all of that in one month. BUT, day 1 brainstorm the name of the company, day 2 sketch the logo, day 3 think about the customers you will serve, day 4 purchase the domain name, day 5 draft some blog posts, day 6 meet with your mentor, day 7 rest and review. With one week you have started your new business and that is a wonderful feeling. And what time is better than now? Small steps lead can to big wins.

Get some help

It is important to be able to do things alone. No one will care more about your idea than you. It is so rewarding to start that idea. It is also important to know that it all cannot be done alone. Now, you don’t have to get 6 business partners and 4 coaches but a friendly opinion, a mentor, a poll, a collaborator, a virtual assistant some kind of help can go a long way. Find what you’re not the best at and get some help. Some people are great at what we are terrible at and they enjoy the process of getting that work done. Plus people love to help. If your idea touches people that may even offer to help for free!

Read more learn more

Read about the things that will elevate you. Learn things that will help you be happy. It may not even be about your field or your business, get your Harry Potter on if you like. The goal is always to get better, produce and to be happy.

Once again my man Ben P says we should use 80% of our time learning and resting. We can educate ourselves when we are not working so when we get back to work we are going to be so focused and ready to go. And no. Not the news. Stay away from the news like that crazy ex that you almost put the restraining order on. Yes it’s cool to know what’s happening in the world but it’s even cooler to know how you are going to change your world. Fuck the FOMO.

Just chill

No really. Turn your phone off. Go somewhere calm, it can be from your favorite part of the house (I like to sit on a soft carpeted floor) it can be a cafe, the backyard, the beach, doesn’t matter. Go to that place and chill. Breathe in and out. Look at the sky. Don’t worry. Be there be present maybe meditate. Doesn’t have to be for too long doesn’t have to be too short. You’re your own boss you set the rules. Being able to slow all the way down in this fast world is powerful. This can help you get back to your own thoughts, help you make more thoughtful decisions or simply can help you appreciate what was taken for granted. For me when I sit on that floor with some chai tea, music on with a movie on silent in a clean room with the candles lit oh I love it. It’s not the same when the room is a mess though. I use that feeling of calm when the room is clean to remind me that one I enjoy that time and that space and to keep the room clean so I can always enjoy that time.

Give some of these things a try and see if you come back feeling better than before if it helps you get closer to you. Then you can four letter word for yourself.

C A R E.


I’m Eric Jordan but go by EJordanill (Eric Jordan Illustration) I’m a designer and consultant. Check my works both written and designed on my site My aim is to share relevant apps and resources to help the entrepreneur get it done themselves.

Product Designer. I help you start your side hustle or new business easily and quickly.

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