Done is better than perfect

Is there ever a right time to do the right thing?

Waiting til the right time to do the right thing is insanity plain and simple.

All I hear is Kanye with the famous Jeezy adlibs. Wait til I get my money right.

You heard that one before?

Or when the market is better, then I’ll invest.

Or when my job start firing other people, I’ll start my own thing.

Just waiting on the timing to be right.


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Do you remember what Alphabet was before it was Alphabet?


And do you remember what Google looked like when it came out?

Not as polished and beautiful as it does now.

The homepage was arguably hideous. The pristine giant of a company had an idea, a vision and acted on it and got it done.

I haven’t done the diligence or read their start up story books but I’d put some money on it that they decided to revise what was already live and published instead of sitting on an idea waiting for the perfect time and conditions to start something that could change the way society lives.

The idea you have, the one that’s tucked in your fears and your journal could change everything.

You’ll never know that though if you wait and hate.

Yea, we see other people doing their thing or sometimes even doing the thing we wanna do and we hate on them, whispering loud that their idea is bad for reasons 1, 2 and 3 when we are just mad at ourselves.

Get it done. Start the project. Start the business. Learn from the mistakes, there will be a ton of them. Dust your shoulders off, meditate breathe, and go in again, and again.

After all them defeats, late nights, grey hairs and loss of money, time, fake friends and energy, you’ll find yourself in a position where you’ll be thanking yourself for such trials as they will have led you to a marvelous place.

Done is better than perfect.

Happy Hustling.

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