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Enhancing Your Wordplay Even at the End of the Workday

You know you can use your words, Eric.

And I kept that period at the end of the sentence purposely.

You know when you’re texting people, often, the period is when you’re fired up but passive aggressive a little bit right? Usually the recipient gets the point. I got the point. That line is actually a quote from my wife. Apparently, yet again, I wanted her to read both my mind and my body language rather than me using my words to answer a question she asked that probably required a 2–3 sentence reply. I said nothing (verbally). I don’t think she liked my answer. I liked my answer but as we know as entrepreneurs and husbands, it isn’t about what we like. My reply, typical man stuff, I think a grunt and I went back to sleep. To my defense, I’ve told her arguments and long talks have to be held between noon — 7pm. She is a night owl and I’m a morning person by her standards. With the latenight talks my energy levels are low and the exchange between her and I wouldn’t be all lovely and pleasant. I do know that that wasn’t argument, it was just a question from her to me, so I’ll sharpen my skills on that note.

What the fuck do I care? Is that kinda how you’re feeling? Word. Okay so let me start connecting this.

Right now I’m in Starbucks writing this post. Before starting my client work on this Good Friday morning, I read tons of posts and articles to get my mind going, to get inspired before digging into Photoshop and Wordpress and emails all day long. Looking through the different styles of writers and creative entrepreneurs along with the thousands of words they used and the patience and drive they had to get their messages across, I was blown away. I compared my style to theirs. Comparison isn’t the best thing, especially these days, but today it helped me. It helped me discover a part of myself. To be clear, I do enjoy sharing information that can help people. I spoke about my love and even calling to make things look beautiful and help people here. On the other side of that though, a lot of the time I do not like writing or speaking at much length on topics. I like getting the point across, supporting the point with a couple brief lines, sending the relevant links that support those points and either move on or stop the conversation. Talking makes me sweat, so I rather keep it short. TMI? Mybad.

So when my wife said this and after peeping the power speaking or writing through a problem or a subject to take the other person through my points step by step, I was compelled to work on my relationship with communication. I will now take the time to really go in on articles and conversations as an exercise. (I just ordered more deodorant at the same damn time)

Take a ride with me on the articles to come where I will pass the normal length, adding depth and more support on points, arguments and topics. I’ll be sure to demonstrate ideas and examples, flush them out and explain them in the coming posts.

Oh, I called my wife to apologize and take the time to speak to her but it was before noon.

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