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Fuck it up & take a nap

Aka Work (Fail) and rest to do it all again.

That’s life.

That’s business.

That’s relationships.

All it is seeing what worked or what we think will work and watching it succeed or fail and revising the process then doing that again and again until it’s all over.

Work is an effort to get a desired outcome.

We plan for the outcome, often we forget that outcome will be equipped with roadblocks, hate, less profit, more loss, anger, sadness and on and on.

All of that equals the failure part, which is actually the journey.

With our great plans of grandeur should come the expectation of missing the desired goal and remembering the lessons along the way, applying those lessons to the next plan and get better results while still failing, revising and resting.

The resting part is a major key.

I used to tell my brother, you can’t drive a car at 100mph for 100 miles for 100 days straight and not expect problems.

The rest is needed, the build up is needed.

Plan the work.

Work the plan.

Fail. (Fuck up)


Rest. (Take a nap)

Do it all again.

Happy Hustling,


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