App List: Get your work done from anywhere

Send the invoice and pull the covers up to your chin

A beautiful benefit to working for yourself either full time or side hustle time is you make the rules. A beautiful part of this day and age is technology gives us the freedom to get many things done from almost anywhere right from our mobile devices.

Okay, so you’re ready to get your work done. But under one condition, you’re remote location is one of two places, the bed or the couch.

Here are a few apps that’ll help you get your work done while in your onesie.

Starting with Notes

Your to-do list may be in a journal, post it notes or if you’re like me some simple 8.5 x 11 loose paper. If not though, the notes are digital. Here are a few apps I use for notes and to-dos on the go:

Google Docs

Time to collab? Have a team of people to speak with, share tasks and ideas with? All of the apps above will still get the job done. You can add Slack to the list as well.


I’ve seen some clients and companies slow down on email lately. Maybe I’m a late bloomer, I’m still on the email wave. Ready for a change in your platform?

Gmail is amazing. I’ll start with that. I still use Gmail but switched to Inbox by Gmail. It has a beautiful layout, it bundles your email in different categories automatically. It’s great. You can also try:


File Transfers

When it’s time to send the big files, you’re still okay, you don’t have to jump on the laptop yet. If your goal is to work in your PJ’s your office can still be yourphone. You can send files that don’t fit in an email with:

Google Drive

Video Meetings

Have a video chat meeting? Okay, you may need to put on a woven shirt but keep the pajama pants on. Try installing:

Google Hangouts


One of the more exciting parts, need to send an invoice? Try:
Invoice 2 go


Time to sign a contract with your finger on your phone? Download:

Adobe Fill & Sign


The common workday can get hectic. If the stress increases and it’s time to calm down quickly take a look at:

Stop, Breathe & Think


You can even update your blog by twitling your fingers on your screen. Both Medium and Wordpress offer apps that allow you to blog from your phone.

With a little searching, you can find the proper app for the proper task enabling yourself to get the job done from anywhere.

What’s your favorite batch of apps you’re using right now to keep it mobile?

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