How I found a Millionaire Mentor for free in an hour

#GOALS. They can be in camouflage hiding under the name resolutions, intentions or simply shit we have to do.

We all have things we have to do. And to get these things done, we must employ a sense of urgency. It is not only needed but it is necessary for us to complete our dreams and goals.

It’s tough. Seeing our ideas through isn’t always an easy task, but is very doable. Solve: put on some trap music or some Solange on repeat, quietly slide into a peak state, that hustle and flow aka the zone and watch yourself flourish in a sea of productive abundance.

If only it were that simple, right?

Well, it could be with the proper assistance.

What I’ve found is life is a full-contact sport. It’s a team thing, not a solo thing.

Do you see Spongebob out here running through the streets without Squidward and Patrick?

Peep your goals, assemble your crew and take massive action.

The beauty of the digital age, our squad can be full of people we never even meet face to face. Today, meetings are FaceTime to FaceTime, held on Google Duo, Skype or Zoom. It isn’t even a requirement to meet people you’d like to work with IRL.

The very people that inspire us, we need not to physically meet them.

Furthermore, if you’re like me and need some inspiration to get started on achieving goals, and that inspiration is in the form of a mentor, today that mentor is digital. That mentor, the missing piece that helps put our plans in action, not only are digital but they will advise us for free. Like, for real.

I call these hard working angels “Mobile Mentors”

With a quick search on Google, Instagram or Facebook we can find successful people in or outside of our field distributing priceless pieces of advice and content that can help us directly and totally jumpstart our trajectory. We have the ability to take these mentors with us wherever we go and call upon their advice at any moment.

As we review our list of resolutions, to-do list items, dreams, and wishes, we can consider taking a quick glance at who can help us get it done faster in a more efficient manner.

For instance, looking to get your money right?

Check out Dr.Boyce Watkins or Ramit Sethi or MyFabFinance

Looking for some straight up motivation?

Check out Dr.Eric Thomas

Trying to become an investor?

Take a look at Backstage Capital


Who is motivating you right now, where do you find their content and why do you find them as an inspiration?

Check out a free sample of my ebook Fire Your Designer with more saucy words that encourage that action.

Happy Hustling and Goal Conquering in the 2018 ⚡️

Product Designer. I help you start your side hustle or new business easily and quickly.

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