How To Reap Rewards From Slow Risks

Where daily practice meets incremental progress

A little more of the same.

Start with selfishness

Take time in the morning for yourself. No one else. Not the kids, your partner, your boss, your boo, bae or dog. YOU. Breathe in and out, maybe sneak in a nice meditation. Maybe read a positive affirmation, look at a goal you have in mind. Breathe again. Read a couple pages from a book. Write a couple pages of your own book. Write down your dreams, your million dollar ideas. Take it slow, stretch and then clean yo self up and start the day. I know you noticed there is no mention of iPhone or even a Android in these suggestions and that is on purpose. Leave the texts, buzzes, beeps, alerts, anxieties and demands of your attention by way of the phone for later in the day or later in the morning. Be selfish first.

Act with intention

Getting back to that daily download of worthlessness. The things done daily that equal nothing of substance.

Repeat small positive daily practices

It’s easy to do these things. 10 push-ups a day. A couple extra cups of water a day. You know… whatever. A lil bit of a few good things everyday. It’s easy to do them and we know it’s easy not to. But it gets hard to see the light when we let these easy tasks go undone and then the list o’ terrible things starts to add up.

The beautiful outcome

Some would say it’s risky to go after an idea or goal that is outside of a safe and cozy 9–5 job. It can be. The 9–5 when secured properly will pay them bills and reduce worry and stress.

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