How to start and run your side hustle straight from your iPhone (pt1)

Say hello to your new mobile money machine

My intentions are to share a jumpstart to your side hustle success quickly from your iPhone with this letter. I’ll cover:

  • Starting with a why
  • How to — Come up with a name
  • How to — Design your logo in 5 minutes on your iPhone
  • Setup payment processors
  • Draft invoices and contracts
  • Extras — Discover productivity apps & recommended books

Allow me to reintroduce myself

A lil bit about me. Hi I’m Eric. I help people start or restart brands by designing digital + product experiences. I have worked with a variety of notable companies from Nike, adidas, Complex Media to TDE.

Adding a second source of income

This is why starting a side hustle (or full hustle) is key. If you have a job it may feel safe. That’s cool. Do you. What’s even cooler and safer though, is having a second or even third stream of income coming in while you still make your 9–5 money.

If you’re fired, laid off or get a pay decrease like today, what will you do?

Why not make the decision to build something of your own and while doing it, increase your confidence, awareness, business skills and of course your bank account all at the same time?

[PLAY VIDEO] Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Starting with why

Yes we want the money. And we want it now! We’re aligned on that. If we add consistent high value and purpose, we’re golden. Forever.

  • How does my product or service help me?
  • How does my product or service help others?
  • What value does my product or service bring?

How I found my why

As an example, my why came to me as an enlightening moment on vacation in Denver with my wife and our friends where she told me my mission is to help people.

My wife and I in Denver right before she tells me my why

Your New Name

Pick a name. Do it quickly. Keep it memorable, classic, easy to pronounce and then move on.

Tools & apps to help name the hustle

🔗 Shopify name generator

Snippet 1 on naming the hustle
Snippet 2 on naming the hustle
Snippet 3 on naming the hustle
Snippet 4 on naming the hustle

2 Syllable New Hustle Name Example

Right Now

The 2 syllable name picked as an example is “Right Now”. Simple and to the point.

The Logo

Remember what’s so cool about this is we’re designing on the iPhone. We will use the app Hatchful.

Example logo designed with Hatchful in 5 minutes
  • You have solidified why you’re working beyond the 💰
  • You have picked a name for your hustle
  • You have designed your new logo

Product Designer. I help you start your side hustle or new business easily and quickly.

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