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It may not work so do it anyway

It’s better to try and to fail rather than to fail to try

Have you heard of the chances you have of being born? Answer: 1 in 400 Trillion. Yes. Trillion.

So you are special.

You made it!

Rejoice, sing and give your ideas and dreams a shot.

You know what’s wack. Regularity. Another name for it, mediocrity. Satisfactory.

When I was in grade school receiving a “C” was satisfactory. Receiving a “B” was good and receiving an “A” was excellent.

When you step back and review your ambition against our wants and dreams what is your grade?

I read recently happiness is a key to success. Success can be measured in many different ways. Let’s say success is great health, strong relationships with friends and loved ones plus the funds and freedom to do what you like when you like.

If you’re happy, odds are your self-esteem is high. High self-esteem is aligned with confidence.

Confidence comes from getting things done, from a strong belief in ourselves. Confidence does not come from a place of sadness, lack, fear or procrastination.

Sadness, a feeling of lack and fear are all guess what… Choices. We choose to have these feelings.

An exercise: Practice making the decision on how you are going to feel about yourself in particular situations that would usually put you in a negative space. Find the positive and stay in that space.

One way to get closer to the success, start your own thing. Why leave our lives up to how are bosses feel on a specific day. Gather your coins, on your own time, with your own product or service.

You made it against heavy competition, 1 in 400 trillion.

Take the leap and do the things you’ve always wanted.

Thanks for reading! I’m Eric and I write about how to design and start your new business. Check out my new course Fire Your Designer where I teach how to design your own logo and website in a day.

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