It will be hard so why not quit before you start?

Now doesn’t this sound familiar

Let’s start off like this.

What was the last thing you started that was scary?

What was the last thing you neglected to start because of fear?

How do you get closer to the first answer and far away from the second?

We can win big from taking a huge risk. We could fail from jumping into a big decision. But, either way, it is a win-win. Moving forward with a good idea, a gut feeling, a business plan or a passion project can do wonders. Acting on such motives provide insight, profits, and lessons. Actually doing whatever that thing is that you have a good feeling about garners new relationships, new discoveries, new methods and new possibilities. None of these winnings come without some hardship, some skepticism (self-doubt), heartache, loss of time, loss of energy and loss of sleep. That comes with the territory.

Regret. A terrible word right? I don’t know anyone who would volunteer to get a good dose of regret in their life. Yet, we act in such a way that will easily add some regret in our lives quickly. It is our decision making or the lack of decision making. Making the decision to put some focus into a new idea, a new passion or process is taking a step into the unknown and that can be very rewarding. It’s exciting!

Instead of blocking blessings and welcoming regret indirectly, why not get started?

I love helping people design for their new business. Giving people what I call nice nudges to get started on their idea, I simply love it! So much so that I wrote about to help people get started on their business using low-cost apps and resources. One easy excuse we all can use is that it’s too expensive to start a business, or that we may not know where to start or what to do or how to do it. No problem. I wrote an ebook that gives a headstart on how to solve all of these issues. It’s called Fire Your Designer. Take a look when you get some free time.

Here are questions to answer to help you get started on your idea.

- What is it that you want to do?

- What are you good at doing?

- Where do what you’re good at doing and what you like to do meet?

- Who will trade their money for your service, product or craft?

- Where can you find them?

- How do you convert them from looking at your product to buying your product?

- How long does this process take?

- Where will this process take place?

Answers to these questions take us to the common set of questions that I like to answer.

- How do I design my logo?

- How much should I pay for a logo?

- Where do I find my new logo designer?

- How much should I pay for a website?

- Where do I find a trustworthy web designer?

- If I do design my own website, what service can I use?

Sometimes, the combination of both sets of questions leads us to a decision to give up before we start. But with the answers to these questions, we can move forward to new experiences using our resolve to jump into executing our ideas.

One way to start that I suggest is, do it yourself. A new logo can cost anywhere from $100 — $5000+ websites, anywhere from $500 — $50,000+. Often, we want to make sure our genius idea will bring in some money before we even think about digging into our wallets to pay people we don’t know to do things we don’t understand.

New logo — try Canva for free

Need your own website — try Squarespace for a low price

Need your own website that sells tons of items — try Shopify for a low price or Big Cartel (Big Cartel can be free)

Need to write proposals — try Google Slides or Keynote or Prospero

Need to invoice a client — try or

Need to write a contract — try Pandadocs

Want to find designers — try Upwork

Want to incorporate your new company — try Stripe Atlas

Need help writing a business plan — try

With these resources, you’re set! Of course, you’ll need to tweak, test and add to this list but these items take out some of the guessing and will very well get you started.

Seem a little scary? Good! Do it. Experience some new results from your own ideas. No matter the result, its better than the feeling of regret from deciding not to act on your ideas.

Happy Hustling!

I’m Eric Jordan but go by EJordanill (Eric Jordan Illustration) I’m a designer and consultant. My aim is to share relevant apps and resources to help the entrepreneur “Fire Their Designer” and get it done themselves. Check out my ebook here

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