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Launch your new logo before the New Year

Design your mood board and logo yourself for free

The logo. You need a name to distinguish you from the pack.


Finding the feeling. Inspiration. Before any project, one of the key steps is inspiration. Inspiration is all around us, from ads, to media, to a nicely designed couch or lamp, it is literally everywhere.


So, I thought Squarespace was just here for the web design. I’ve recently come across the Squarespace logo maker. A great tool. Easy to use. Low in price. It gets the job done.


A web based app that will have you walking away from your computer with an icon and wordmark for your business. Logojoy helps you find inspiration, has endless free mockups, high resolution files once you’re done designing (same goes for Squarespace) and only pay a low free once you’re all done.


With Canva you can find an icon, find the perfect font and slogan, put them all together and have your fresh new logo done in minutes, save the files and keep moving and for free I might add.

Want more?

I’m designing a course that walks you though this process. Take a look at the page design:

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Product Designer. I help you start your side hustle or new business easily and quickly.

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