Lessons learned from two of my mentors that I never met

It’s all about that Level Up

Mentor Number 1: Fabolous

As I always say, one of my favorite rappers for a laundry list of different reasons is Fabolous. Maybe it’s because he has rapped with a guy called West Philly Freck and thats where I’m from. Maybe it’s because he’s just so smooth or because he donned himself the Swag-champ. I can go on and on with my potential reasons why he is one of my favorites. Thing is, line after line Fab packs in what we can call game and puts us on to how achieve longevity within your career.

December 22, 2016 the Summertime Shoutouts 2 mixtape by Fabolous came out. And yes, I was excited. The first track has a woman on the phone with Fab. She sounds not too into the conversation in the beginning. We soon find out her somber tone is due to her disappointment in Fabolous. She goes on to tell him how he has been slipping and falling off and frankly she feels like he hasn’t been himself, that he used to be the one to motivate her and now she questions what has come over him.

You know who she is? She is his accountability parter. Studies show that once we update someone else on our plans and intentions, we push ourselves a little bit more to ensure we get those things done. We know at that point more is at stake. Others are involved and it may be okay to for us to falter on our own goals and deadlines when no one else knows our plans but once its known, it is that much more serious and we have to do what we have to do to get it done. Sometimes this may all happen kind of by accident. You tell your homie your going to run that marathon. A week later your friend asks if you have you been training. You may ask, why would I be training? Totally forgetting you mentioned you’d like to run a marathon. But you know what, your friend didn’t forget at all. They held you to your word. In other instances, this partnership is very much planned and put into effect on purpose knowing that once other people are aware of our plans they will push us. We in fact make the request that someone help us achieve our goals. The accountability partner. They hold you accountable for the goals you are looking to achieve.

Mentor Number 2: Jamie Masters

I wrote a resource list. It is full of apps, tools and websites to help design, start and run your own business. I’ve been working for myself, designing for the founder and entrepreneur since the first day of 2015 and have been collecting and adding onto this list to help myself and others on their quest to entrepreneurship. I even designed my website based on the resources in my list, check out my new portfolio here. One of the first things I list on the resource page are two very helpful podcasts, one being Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn. And the second, the Eventual Millionaire by Jamie Masters. I listen to them both, otherwise I would not have mentioned them at the beginning of the list. I have to admit, I listen to Jamie a bit more. As I listen to her, one of the recurring themes is leveling up, how to get from one stage within your business and going to a totally different, improved stage. Jamie goes into depth with her millionaire guests (she only interviews millionaires) on the tactics they’ve used to level up and she also teaches her private clients similar lessons.

We are not meant to experience things all alone. Once in a while we could use a little help. Out of many lessons I’ve learned from my mobile mentors Fab and Jamie, who don’t even know me, is an accountability partner can work wonders in your process. They will push you to get it done. They will help you reach and sometimes even shatter your own goals and deadlines. What I have also learned is to always work toward improvement. To build systems that will yield faster, high quality results. To level up.

Fabolous opens the tape with a call from his accountabilty partner who shares the news with him that he could do a bit better. The start of track three we hear the second phone call, where Fabolous gives genuine thanks to her for giving it to him straight. He acknowledges her talk put him back on track and it encouraged him to get back to work the right way. Gratitude for those who participate in your journey to greatness deserve appreciation early and often.

Jamie’s podcast is stockpiled with gems and jewels on how to level up in business with real life examples from people who have actually reached success and continue to practice, improve and tailor their methods.


What goals do you have that you haven’t put into motion yet?

What’s stopping you from getting started?

Who can you call right now to help hold you accountable?

Lastly, as Tony Robbins says “When would now be a good time to start?

I’m Eric Jordan but go by EJordanill (Eric Jordan Illustration) I’m a designer and consultant. Check my works both written and designed on my site www.ejordanill.co. My aim is to share relevant apps and resources to help the entrepreneur “Fire Their Designer” and get it done themselves.

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