Let the record show that you gave it a go

It won’t work if you don’t do it, might as well try and see

We may think we are here to guide, teach and take care of the children.

The children are not scared to go through the pain to get to the promised land

Example: The child wants to be a skateboarder. They get the board, they push off and after the first attempt to do a kick flip. BOOM. Pain. Defeat. The big fall. The one where we crunch up our face empathizing the hurt of the fall. By the time our face of understanding their pain returns to normal, they are already pushing off once again. The determination of a child to get what they want from a kickflip to a lollipop is second to none.

They go right pass no

After the child’s incessant requests or demands are denied, they ask for it again. Over and over, wearing the parent or loved one down to a pleading “okay… yes!”

They know when to forget

We adults often make the decision to keep scary, hurtful, negative memories in the front of mind and let them stop us from living the life we want to live. We justify our shortcomings with past instances that didn’t go as planned.

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