My favorite three words

Its hard out here for a nomad. You know that’s what they call the freelancer right? The Digital Nomad. Issa struggle. It’s stressful bruh. We hate it but we love it though. “It” being this freelance life. During this freelance journey whether 24–7 or a side hustle, it can often be a little rough to get cash for our skills, passions, and services. So when I hear these three little words, “Send the invoice” I tend to get excited.

Financial Freedom’s our only hope

We can do it for the love. We can do it for the thrill. But at the end of the day, we need the paper. Bills don’t accept love! So we have to find the best way to get the most money so we can live our best life. And to be clear, stacking the paper isn’t a selfish mission. In fact, it is very selfless making, saving and sharing money that has been made. It is necessary.

Making these ends are not only for us but for our families.

The Digital Nomad Nike Theory

Welcome to what I am calling the digital nomad Nike theory. Ever heard Nike’s mission statement? It goes as follows:

“If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

So, let’s flip that real quick and take it here:

“If you have an iPhone, you are an entrepreneur.”

We have the power in our hand to make it happen. With the flick of a thumb, we can get business done right from our phone. It has never been more convenient as it is today to get the job done.

The Tools

The mobile office aka the iPhone is nothing without the proper apps. And furthermore the proper apps aren’t anything without a quality service or product being offered to an audience but we can get back to that at another time.

One of my goals is to share the apps that help people get work done from the bed in their pajamas because who doesn’t want that?

My favorite app at the moment that helps me respond to my three favorite words is

With the accounting software (which is now free as they have been acquired by Fiverr) you can do all of the following:

Send a contract

Set a task

Write a proposal

Track your time

Send an invoice

You receive notifications when someone has viewed your contract, proposal or invoice and also when they have signed a contract or paid an invoice. Payments can be accepted by PayPal or deposited into your bank account. It is an amazing app, it is reliable, professional and definitely helps build the financial wall.

Call to Action

Pull out your phone. Promote your quality service or product to your tribe. Communicate quickly and clearly and wait for the three magic words.

Happy Hustling!

Take a look at my ebook Fire Your Designer for more ideas on how to get your mobile monies.

Product Designer. I help you start your side hustle or new business easily and quickly.

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