Once In A While We Need A Little Help

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Once in a while you could use a little help. And yo, check it, thats not a bad thing. We cannot get to these riches, wealth, good healthy and fun relationships alone. Can’t be done. Superman had Lois Lane, Batman had Alfred. Shit. Mark Zuckerberg created the assistant Jarvis who is actually Morgan Freeman, crazy right? And the list goes on. You get it started yourself, I even encourage it with my ebook Fire Your Designer. However, once you reach the point where the questions and stress are plentiful and even Google isn’t giving you the answers that will help you at the moment, a little help can go a long way.

I love helping. I like to think my life is dedicated to making things look pretty and helping people, to me the two go hand in hand. So let me give you a little help. First you can subscribe and download my free ebook Fire Your Designer. This is a do it yourself guide on designing for your own business, a book centered around the entrepreneur. Afterward, here and there I’ll send over articles and resources that will aid your processes overall.

For years I have designed for the people, for the companies, corporations, for the friends, the family. I love design. From Nike, Complex Media and Def Jam Records to the Moms and Pops, I’ve designed for them. The act of making whats complicated simple and whats simple, making it beautiful and useful. I think it is something that we all want even if we don’t know thats what we want.

So I have something else for you. A page full of free resources that will be constantly updated. One of my personal goals is to be able to do as much work from the bed as possible. Thee most. So I’ve found apps on apps that lend themselves to this lifestyle. Check out the list of resources here.

To close this thang out, I am here to help. Lets make some beautiful works together. Lets create some happiness and some financial gain. We can even speak one on one as part of my entrepreneurial consulting. We can speak in detail and figure out the apps, plans and looks of your business and put them into action. You can be an OG in business or preparing to take the leap from 9–5 to 24/7 aka your own business cause the work doesn’t stop. Either side of the coin we can work one on one.

Product Designer. I help you start your side hustle or new business easily and quickly. www.mobile-moves.com

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