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Whats more valuable than time? Not cash, no sir / madame not at all. How do you spend your time? Wishing, wanting, lusting, stressing? How about reflecting. January 18th 2016 is a day to reflect for real. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. day. He has a whole day yo. Ain’t that crazy. You ever took a few steps back and thought about it, peeped it? It is still a very racist society full of much bias, violence and hate and here we have a National Holiday for a man who was a martyr for qualities he could only wish would one day come to fruition. And just to be clear, this holiday shines for an African American man, the same race and gender that is still being killed because of jealously, fear and a plain misunderstanding. What makes it different today is that we can see the malice and murder worldwide instantly in HD from a police officer’s chest cam and watch the clip on twitter. After that we can black out our IG posts, have a #prayforsomebody hashtag then keep moving forgetting what actually just happened. So that reflection yo, much needed in a time like today.

MLK. What a G. Seriously. Heroic. Today we are scared to leave the house with a low battery on the iPhone, when on the other hand he wasn’t scared to live and die for his dream of an equal civilization. As his day has come and we are all off work chillin, take a listen with open ears to his thoughts. Taking the time to slow down and being present can help win the marathon called life. Moving ever so fast from cafe to cafe, app to app, site to site, job to job, bar to bar, taking some time to be right where you are paying attention to your plan can give you the reset needed to tackle all things on your goal list.

My contribution to reflecting on Martin Luther King Day is both a site and a painting done in his honor. A quote and speech rest on the site where you can listen to one of the greatest speakers that have ever graced the Earth. And during your present period of slowing down, reflecting in effort to take your understanding of courage, bravery and honesty from the words of the Doctor you can view my painting of him done as a tribute and a thank you to a truly selfless loving man. Happy MLK day!

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