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State your name entrepreneur: How to name your new business

What a difference 2 syllables can make

The magic number in this post is the number 2.

Pen and Paper

Grab your pen and paper, it is powerful. Writing your ideas down with pen and paper help you retain what you’ve written. Pen and paper are also great for jotting down all of the different word combinations that suddenly pop into your head when you’re thinking of what to name your business.


When thinking of a business name, it is not a problem to keep it simple. As a matter of fact try to keep it very simple. Our time here on the planet Earth is finite. We have a limited amount of time to make our mark. We have a short amount of time in the day to knock items off of our to-do list and then move on to the next set. Not to mention, we have all of the non work related tasks in our daily lives to do which are competing with the time we have to reach our business goals. With that, it is important to make decisions quickly and keep moving. Having a sense of urgency and keeping simplicity and efficiency at the top of mind is crucial. Coming up with a simple name of your company that gets the point accross is all you need to get the ball rolling.

Memorable Experiences

Quality is key in anything you do. As you serve your customers, clients and audiences they will remember how you make them feel. How you make your customers feel is directly related to the level of service you provide. People will look at your logo and your company name and remember how you made them feel. The quicker you come up with a solid name that speaks to you and that reasonates with your customers you can move on to increasing their overall experience to keep them coming back to you. Create a memorable experience. Think of some our most well known actors, the ones with less than common names, we pronounce their names perfectly without a stutter or anything. We remember how they made us feel and thus we remember their name and come back to their films. Same goes with business.

Two Syllables

Some of our favorite companies follow these very suggestions. They have come up with simple, strong company names that make sense to them and to their customers. Also, when we think about these companies or see their logos, we think of how the company’s products make us feel. We think of their customer service.

Action Item

Write down what your company will do, what problem your company will solve. Afterward, write down what words describe those solutions. Put them together. Pick a name that makes you feel good. Pick a name that customers will remember. Then quickly move to the quality of service your business will provide and watch your customers line up for more.

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