The reward is in the failure

Picking your risk with wisdom

It’s scary to work for a jerk for hours, weeks, months and years.

It’s scary to work for yourself for 24/7/365.

We now know for sure neither is quite “secure.”

One can be better than the other.

Frfr (for real for real) as the internet says, it’s clear that one option is more freeing than the other.

Working for the (wo)man may not give you the freedom you want and need.

The security is bullshh. And the pay is lower than your worth.

Okay. So next problems.

Welp. Naw fam.

1/ YouTube teaches you almost everything for free.

2/ Too expensive, nope. Social media is free. Email is free. Other apps to get started are free.

3/ Don’t know what to work on, it’s simple. Ask yourself what are things I can do for someone else where they will trade their money for my product or my service.

4/ Too much to do alone, not really. How do you walk or run 5 miles? One step at a time. Same for building your own project or business.

Back to the top. The risk. Either one is risky. Your business may fail. Your boss’s business may fail too.

A little hack. Do both. Try your own ideas on your down time and build them up into a profitable business.

If at first you don’t succeed, meditate, go for a walk and try again.

Take the beneficial risk.

Happy Hustling.

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