Togetherness. Unity. Teamwork. A different trinity from what Yeezy taught us which was Hennessey, a bad bitch. And a bag of weed: the Holy Trinity. Today we talk about Tiger.

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Tiger Wood’s mugshot

The man got a DUI a couple of days ago. Turrible. This brings me to the creation of my ebook Fire Your Designer. I wrote this ebook in effort to help and give a push, a nice nudge to help people start their businesses, help them find and use the tools needed to create and some tutorials on how to achieve goals themselves without the help of others. I say without the help of others because there are some points where the very people we’d like and love to help us can often hold us back. It’s a big thing to start a business, it’s big to keep a business going. The right people around us can help us achieve goals we never knew we could, the wrong people can tear us down faster than we could ever imagine.

Get your idea started. Just start. It can be scary, yup, just start. It may seem impossible, umm hmm, just start. It may seem easy and you may wonder why hasn’t anyone else done this, start. Starting something is the hard part. Keeping it going can be a challenge as well. With the difficulties that can come with seeing an idea through to reality, those around you play a major key in your outcome. So if you decide to get the gang together, create in unison and get it in, do it with high energy and confidence. There is magic with chemistry, when friends, strangers and/or lovers get together and bring what was once a brainstorm to real life.

So Tiger. How does it all make sense. Well. I know rappers that have drivers. I know tons of people who use uber, yes I know it would be odd for Tiger to get in an uber, aight cool, there is an uber-like service that picks up passengers in Teslas. Sooooo, there is no excuse. This is an instance where we see clearly asking for help, delegating, having a team is critical. Who wants to deal with a DUI, the bad press, the bad pic, all the shit that comes with it. Something that could have been easily avoided now is a whole thing.

We are in 2017. Whats cool about that is your help, your team, your collaborators, they don’t even have to be people you know. Yo, for real, they don’t even have to be people. One of my favorite resources right now is an app that helps with my contracts, invoicing, time tracking, expenses and even has my very own “Chief Operator” keeping me on point with my workload.

I’ve found a wonderful, truly delightful developer that keeps me on point, helps find new clients and reminds me of what needs to get done and when and we use Asana to help us both stay in line with our milestones, deadlines et cetera. Well really he found me to clear that up. But, What up Dipak!

These couple mentions alone help me spread the love so things aren’t solely reliant on me at all times. It is a major help. Thinking about it, I have a truly talented photographer as well always ready to help me with projects. His work is phenomenal and he sends me work all of the time as well. Shit, he even shot my wedding. Waddup Blue!

Tiger taught me it is okay to get the proper help needed to get closer to the wins. I rather not suffer alone for the sake of trying to do something myself. Getting started and working alone is sometimes and a lot of times needed but not needed all of the time. There are people, systems, bots and Chief Operators here to help us get the job done. Get the proper help, spread the love and win together.

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