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Tired of your boss? How to own your income

What do we want?


When do we want it?




Now that may not be a realistic goal but it is a big want.

We get what we want by writing it down, planning for it, visualizing it and acting on it.

One thing I see people wanting often is their own (profitable) business.

Now, they may not use that phrase. They may say, I’m tired of going to work. Or, TGIF when Friday comes and they can finally leave work for a solid 48 hours. What this means is they want more freedom, choices, options, autonomy, money and praise from a product or service.

And one way to check many of those boxes is by a side hustle, a side business, a new business or just a new stream of income.

Then, what stops you from getting exactly what you want, the way you want to get it?

Fear + imagination!

We make up all the things that can go wrong, why it won’t work and boom we back at that wackass job, with them people we don’t even really like for pay that don’t even pay all the bills.

Why not reduce a lil time on tv & IG and pour some of that time into your new pathway to freedom aka your own business.

Quick ways to reassure yourself:

• remember you can do it (other successes are people just like you)

• you probably have already done it, just time to put more work in

• you already have what you need to get the job done
(you have talent, you have time, you have a network and a phone — what else do you need? you got it already, get to it!)

Quick ways to find out what to do:

1) Figure out: what you’re good at or what goods you have to offer (tip: make sure it serves a good purpose and you can feel proud about what it is)

2) Zone in on: what are you good at or have to offer at that people would trade their money for

3) Action: Tell people what you’re good at or what you have to offer and accept their money

4) Invest: that money back into yourself and your new business and revise and repeat this process


Triple C’s:




Confidence — After you do this you will automatically increase your confidence in yourself to earn your own income which decreases you depending on your boss.

Commitment — You’ll be committed to satisfying your customers by keeping your word and delivering a great product or service to them. You’ll also be committed to making sure this process gets better and better so you give more value which generates more income so you decrease dependency on your boss even more.

Cash — The tool that helps us help others. With consistent value to many, the cash comes our way.

The best time to (re)start making it happen for yourself is right now.

If you’re ready to level up your additional stream of income reply with a 🤑

Happy Hustling,


Product Designer. I help you start your side hustle or new business easily and quickly.

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