Google “Dragon Fly Jones” if you aren’t familiar

Why worrying about work isn’t working

Life lessons learned from Dragon Fly Jones

The definition of worry

Ain’t none of these words in the definition on the list of things that help us or on the list of things that we enjoy.

However, I bet they all feel so very, very familiar.

We worry about

  • Will I get the project done
  • Will I get the promotion
  • Will I do well on my review
  • Will I get fired????
  • Will they lay me off


We worry about

  • Will the client pay me on time
  • Will they like my work
  • Will I be able to pay my bills this month
  • Will I be able to find clients

We can worry so much but then win by checking something off of the to do list that we think that the worry worked.

We connect the feelings of worrying with the outcome of winning.

Then the feeling of worry starts to become addictive as we think it helps us win.




Wins accumulate. They stack one on top of another like a loaf of bread.

Those wins add to our self esteem. They help us go after these big goals and desires and work towards them even when it feels like a dead end.

So guess what…

The worry stacks and stacks just the same.

But the worry adds to shit like depression, anxiety and stress.

And all that adds up to other health problems, poor decision making — just bad stuff.

The worry ain’t working.

What does work though, some good ol fashion…

Wait for itttt…


Yup. Silence just like Dragon Fly Jones. If you’re not familar with the reference stick around to the end of this letter.

It is so much going on today. The beeps, buzzes, scrolls, dings and dongs. They all want our attention and we often just give it up. Then the thoughts wander into worry and our heads and stomachs begin to hurt.

The silence is so real though.

Answers come from silence.

Relaxation comes from the silence.

Patience comes from the silence.

When was the last time you took a breath, were quiet and gave yourself a compliment before returning to a peaceful workday?

You down to do it now — like right now?

Listen to Dragon Fly Jones

Happy Hustling.


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