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Work your plan like water torture

It doesn’t have to be crazy and stressful circusmstances to get the job done. Slow and steady keeps the pace and gets us closer to our dreams.

Pretty simple.

Simple doesn’t mean easy but simple is damn sure attainable.

A little work here. A little work there. It adds up. Same goes for a bad decision here, a little procrastination there and boom our dreams turn into resentment and regret.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Go in on your dreams one drop at a time.

We get closer to what we want when we find out what sets our soul on fire aka what makes us so happy beyond anything else and keeps us.

For me, its helping people start their business or to simply encourage people to believe in themselves and turn that belief into freedom. By day and by trade I am a designer and I enjoy creating, I especially enjoy being able to come up with an idea or product and go from sketch to finish. In addition to that, giving nice nudges to friends, associates and strangers to start their business or to build their side hustle or to just move more toward a life that will yield less regret, I love it! My goal is to get people I interact with closer to freedom.

Freedom meaning having choices and options accompanied with the money to pay for those choices.

I have a friend, he is obsessed with working as many hours as he can so he can make as much as he can so he can buy real estate so he can worry less about working for money. I feel him. I also combat him in his approach. I love his intense motivation, I worry about the approach. On one hand he has the energy and space to be able to work so much, so that does make sense. And I think he enjoys his process, maybe that is the difference between us.

My intention is to find the passive process that pays out the money to purchase real estate.

We go back and fourth on ways to create a solid financial foundation. Whats great about this is he found his process and motivation and goal. With that, his daily disciplines are set and he will not stop until he wins.

The questions:

What do you want to do with your time?

What are you doing with your time now?

Why are you using your time in such a way?

How can you get closer to doing what you want to do?

Answers to these questions lead to a plan. That plan leads to a schedule. A schedule leads to daily habits that are in tune with a goal which lead to consistent progress. Progress leads to confidence and achievement. Consistent progress + confidence and achievement lead to success.

And boom!

Life is different.

Work your plan one drop a day.

If your plan includes starting and continuing your own business or stepping more into a side hustle try my course its made just for you.

Happy Hustling!

Product Designer. I help you start your side hustle or new business easily and quickly.

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