Would you rather wish and want or start and fail?

A short sweet treat for your productivity column

I’ve heard many sentences that start the same way “I always wanted to start my own _________ business”. And directly after that I hear a list of fears that overpower potential and transform ambitions into distant wishes.


Taking control and actually acting on our plans is a step. We have the freedom of choice. We have the authority to make decisions for ourselves.


If we stay committed to ourselves and to achieving the milestones and goals we set for ourselves we can get to our divine destination. In other words, staying persistent, day in and day out is better than wanting and wishing instead of showing up with action.


We have all witnessed the power of consistency. We have watched people become great at what they once were terrible at through daily practice. Constantly working on our crafts, dreams, and goals gets us one step closer to the success we see for ourselves.

Product Designer. I help you start your side hustle or new business easily and quickly. www.mobile-moves.com

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